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Project NOMAD

Put simply, Project NOMAD is PureLogic’s “data centre re-invented.” This turnkey mobile business solution allows you to test the integration and compatibility of new hardware and software within your data centre environment – simply by plugging it into the wall.
Project NOMAD lets you “try before you buy” by simulating how your existing data centre will respond to new technology in a safe and secure environment and without significant upfront investment. This reduces the risk, cost and frustration of trying to integrate technology that has not been tested and may not be compatible with your current set-up.
Our expert staff will work with your team to build a customized solution that is pre-configured with the latest hardware and software, and is tailored to your organization’s unique business needs.
Using Project NOMAD, PureLogic can demonstrate how your data centre can run more efficiently and cost effectively by:
  • Enabling continuous availability and minimizing network downtime;
  • Protecting business critical data from planned and unplanned disruptions;
  • Reducing or consolidating the number of physical servers required to support your environment;
  • Creating a separate “virtual server” for each application, which makes it easier and safer to install upgrades; and
  • Reducing administrative, network and storage expenses, which lowers your total cost of ownership.

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