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Defense, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
We understand your HCI needs and take a personal approach to understanding your needs in the short term, and for the long haul.  Deployment solutions for Protected-B and higher, Private Cloud, remotely deployable network PODs, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are our specialty.

Cyber Landscape
Knowing that its not a matter of how, but a matter of when, we have a collection of products, services, and solutions that can address federal use cases and threat vectors.  This includes cyber warfare, red/blue team engagements,  and professional services and consulting.

Hybrid & Private Cloud deployments
In a cloud-based model, how do you enable services, protect the data, yet ensure service availability in an air-gapped network? call us to discuss!


Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
We understand your HCI needs and take a hands-on approach to ensuring the right infrastructure solultion is chosen and implemented.  With additional experience and knowledge in operational efficiencies, and through the use of specific automation software, we can ensure your HCI infrastructure stays current in your system-of-systems deployment.

Cyber Landscape
How can you encrypt your critical data at rest, or the data in motion, yet still seamlessly integrate with your legacy support systems?

Is your App Cloud-Ready?
Moving to a HCI environment is more than just infrastructure, and we understand this, providing thought leadership throughout the entire Application lifecycle.

Cloud Data Repatriation
Once you decide to move to the cloud, how do you protect the data there? And more importantly, how do you effectively recover data from the cloud if there are issues, call us to discuss!

SMB Commercial

PureLogic provides the expertise you need to improve the way you operate your business. As a vendor-agnostic solutions provider focused on data centre and network options, your mission critical operational requirements are our main priority. PureLogic effectively analyzes your technology needs; offers cost effective solutions to support, and delivers on time and budget

Healthcare & Education

Technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry and is now a mission force to providing quality care, securing patient data, and meeting compliance requirements. PureLogic has the operational expertise to align with the needs to healthcare organizations. Our technology solution architects have deep knowledge and expertise so that they can successfully engage in a manner that best serves our healthcare clients.