Leverage PureLogic IT’s Professional Services for your RHEL Version Migration

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Applications need to move quickly to deliver value to their users and ensure that security and OS vulnerabilities are managed and eliminated before exploited. As application owners drive time to market into their applications, they need to account for the underlying OS and network security considerations, and a fundamental shift needs to occur to maintain and potentially ‘repaving’ the IaaS offered underneath. Utilizing offerings like OS extended life support is committing the application to the grave instead of leveraging the latest in innovation. 

 Do you Need Help with RHEL Migration?
  • Are you keeping the lights on & maintaining the OS and the patches for an application that should be leveraging the latest security and operating system protection that is required? 
  • Are you paying extra for ELS when you should be upgrading to a supported version of RHEL? 
  • Do you need ‘feet on the street’ to assist, but don’t have the resources or the right security clearances? 
PureLogic IT Professional Services Can Help 

Our Canadian-cleared resources provide immediate value with application footprint assessments, IaaS dependency Mappings, RHEL OS migration path planning, ‘Path to Production’ planning, and cloud-readiness assessments. We have the ability to staff augment or perform tactical deployment projects and application discovery workshops to help you, and the application owners the full extent of the application deployment and potential vulnerabilities. Learn more about the services we provide. 

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