Smart Space Solutions From Hitachi

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Cities are complex organisms of people, governments and businesses. Organizations – from cities, transportation agencies to law enforcement and schools – are using data and analytics to improve efficiency, while keeping people and property safe. The world is getting smarter, and so should your city. Transform your city into a smart space with valuable insights and real-time alerts from video intelligence, IoT, and business data. Leverage the data to enhance operations, reduce waste, and secure people and property.

Smart Space Solutions

The challenges of creating safer, more viable cities are constantly changing, with no two situations exactly alike. Using internet of things (IoT), video, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, Hitachi’s Lumada Video Insights creates solutions that work with infrastructure, safety, and transportation problems, among others, and adapt and scale as cities’ needs change. Lumada Video Insights is an end-to-end, intelligent and adaptable suite of applications that delivers operational safety and business intelligence.

Along with solutions like Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) and Hitachi Visualization Suite, public safety organizations can gain real-time situational awareness and tools for data-driven policing. The solutions deliver operational intelligence to airports and transportation agencies to help them keep people moving, and safe. We deliver business intelligence to retail and downtowns so they can thrive.

Key Features of Hitachi Lumada Video Insights Include:
  • IoT, video and historical data can be visualized geospatially and graphically in a single-pane-of-glass view.
  • Video analytics turns existing or new video data into insights and real-time alerts through AI analysis.
  • Video data storage and management solutions that ensure rapid speed and high volumes of foundational data are available, complete and fault-tolerant while simplifying data management.
  • Smart edge devices and video intelligence platforms that gather data and insights from anywhere.
  • Mine publicly available data from social media or the deep web for open-source intelligence and awareness of brand-related conversations in target areas.
  • Helps data-driven decision-making about safety, operations, and customer experience.
Hitachi Smart Spaces Customer Success

Hitachi works with customers to deliver purpose-built, outcome-driven solutions that generate actionable insights to improve safety, operations and business intelligence. Recent Smart Spaces customer successes include:

  • City of Las Vegas (Nevada): By deploying Hitachi Smart Spaces in its Innovation District, the city tapped traffic, parking and passenger flow data to optimize operations. In one area, a spike of bike delivery activity was detected, highlighting the need for more bike lanes along delivery routes.
  • City of Moreno Valley (California): For several years, this city has been using elements of Lumada Video Insights which have helped decrease crime, improve emergency-response time in traffic, and address a missing person case using Hitachi technology.
The Many Benefits of a Smarter City

As urban areas continue to expand and grow, smart city technology is expanding alongside to enhance sustainability and better serve humanity. Smart spaces bring intelligence to existing video data to gain insights and real-time alerts. Situational awareness enables swift and effective responses to incidents, emergencies, and customer issues. Insights improve planning and identify opportunities for cost and waste reductions, and factors to focus on for operational excellence.

Transform your city, campus & facility into a smart space. Contact us to see how we can help!