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Step up Your Game – Automate Everything!

By January 5, 2022Uncategorized
Level up your automation. The PureLogic Professional Services Team wants to show you how Ansible is the path to take for better automation.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform allows developers to set up automation to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure. It’s the key to enabling IT staff to automate and accelerate their daily tasks, freeing up their time to focus on the rapid delivery of quality services and projects.

We want to show you in real-time how quick and easy Ansible really is! Join our Professional Services Team on Thursday, January 20th for a virtual event. There will be food, fun and games!


  • Introductions
  • Red Hat Ansible – overview and use cases
  • Live Demo of Red Hat Ansible – script environment, automation of deploy, configuration changes & redeploy
  • Networking
  • Game Time – Quake* played with configuration changes

Who can Benefit from Attending? Everyone is welcome, but this event is going to be quite technical and geared towards System Architects/Administrators, Consultants, Developers and End-Users.


Step up Your Game – Automate Everything!
Thursday, January 20th
2-5 pm

Our team will be demonstrating the building of a host server infrastructure and the installation and commissioning of the videogame ‘Quake’. The game is a first-person shooter game and is multiplayer and accessible via any modern web browser and no client-side app installation is required. Once the demonstration is complete with configuration changes, the game will be shared with participants. If you do not want to participate in this portion, an advanced warning will be provided prior to beginning the game.

Please note this is a virtual event. For attending you will receive a care package delivered to the registered address. Please opt-out if you wish.